New Balance 1540v2 - The Ultimate Stability Running Shoe

New Balance 1540v2 - The Ultimate Stability Running Shoe

Discover why the New Balance 1540v2 is the best motion control running shoe.

Author: Brady S / Category: Running / Published: Jul-20-2018

Pronation and supination are the two major issues that people face when it comes to irregular walking or running strides. These issues may seem innocuous but can lead to serious damage to the foot, ankle, knees, and more.

The 'rolling' of the foot during the walking or running stride is called pronation (outward roll) and supination (inward roll). Like any repititive mechanical motion balance is very important and anything that throws off the balance of the motion can lead to damage.

In the past, sufferers of motion control issues have largely been limited to walking shoes such as the New Balance 928v3, 813, or 847 when looking for footwear to help relieve the pain caused from pronation related issues. These styles are excellent for walking but it is dangerous to run in walking shoes. An old saying in the shoe business says, "you can walk in a running shoe but don't run in a walking shoe." Thus, the aforementioned styles are of little help for runners in need of maximum stability and motion control.

The New Balance 1540v2 is the ultimate running shoe for runners who's biggest concerns is getting their feet moving forward. The New Balance 1540v2 is purpose-built to guide your foot into the correct strike path with every stride.  

"You can walk in a running shoe but don't run in a walking shoe"

The secret sauce that allows for maximum motion control within the New Balance 1540v2 is the patented Rollbar® technology found within the midsole. This revolutionary motion control system consists of a stiff molded plate located under the heel which is connected to postings on the inner and outer edges of the shoe. This stiff support within the midsole guides the foot into a forward motion and discourages rolling upon impact.  

The outsole of the New Balance 1540v2 is flat and wide and features a rocker design. This design encourages a proper stride and helps train the foot into a healthier running stride.

In addition to motion control technology, the New Balance 1540v2 running shoe features a deep and wide toe box, excellent cushion, outstanding arch support, and American built quality. This style is available in narrow, medium, wide, and extra wide widths.  


The New Balance 1540v2 Stability Running Shoe is a part of the Made in USA New Balance Premium Collection. This style contains a domestic value of 70% or greater.

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