New Balance 813 RollBar Walking Shoe - Overview

New Balance 813 RollBar Walking Shoe - Overview

Published by Anna H on Apr 29th 2017

The almighty New Balance 813 is the successor of the fan-favorite, 812 and there are many reasons that this style has the loyal following that it does. Read below to find out a few of the highlights of this fantastic walking shoe!

The biggest difference between the New Balance 812 and the New Balance 813 is that the 812 was made of synthetic material and the 813 is made of leather. The 813 is made in women’s and men’s sizes, as well as a variety of widths that include narrow, medium, wide & extra wide. There is truly an 813 to fit every foot. This shoe is also offered in white, black, and tan leather as well as in a lace-up version or hook-and-loop. 

Men's 813 Walking Shoe

Possibly the biggest draw of the New Balance 813 is ROLLBAR Technology. The ROLLBAR is a graphite shank which runs through the shoe guiding your stride into the correct strike path. This helps to correct pronation issues in individuals who turn their foot in the walking motion. People with pronation issues often have back, knee and ankle problems and the 813 New Balance can help to correct these problems. 

Women's New Balance 813 Walking

You may have come across the New Balance 928 on your quest for the perfect sneaker. The 928 is the most heavy duty stability walking shoe offered by New Balance. However, the 813 has almost all of the same technology, without the added weight and bulk. The 813 has a lower profile and is a bit sleeker but still features high levels of stability and support.

At the end of the day, the 813 is a great stability shoe for everyday city walking, treadmill walking at the gym or for standing long hours on your feet. This style will provide you with endless comfort and support. We love ALL New Balance shoes, but especially love the 813!

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