New Balance 1080v8 - What's New?

New Balance 1080v8 - What's New?

The New Balance 1080 is a longtime neutral running favorite for those who LOVE cushion.  The 1080v8 is the latest iteration of this popular line from New Balance.  In this brief blog post I will cover some of what has changed and what remains the same so you can know if the new version of the 1080 is the right shoe for your next run.

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The 1080v8 is unique because New Balance utilized data gathered from real 1080 runners to design and deliver premium underfoot support.  When you view the outsole of the shoe you will notice it appears almost as a heat map design.  This is because New Balance used the 1080 runner data to create a multi-density mid and outsole for the 1080v8.  This revolutionary design provides the perfect amount of cushion, firmness, and support across the entire underfoot.  The flex grooves on the outsole have been reconfigured to ensure excellent flexibility in the correct places to allow for a smooth and comfortable stride.  The flexibility is quite impressive for a shoe with so much cushion.

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The first thing you are likely to notice when you slip into the New Balance 1080v8 is the snug fit.  This running shoe features no-sew bootie construction which keeps your foot feeling snug and secure but with plenty of room to wiggle your toes.  The secure fit is enhanced further with a new TPU heel counter that holds the heel snugly into place so you don’t have to tie the shoes super tight without worrying about your heel slipping.  

The defining characteristic of the previous generation New Balance 1080 was the super cushy Fresh Foam cushion.  Runners can rejoice because the Fresh Foam cushion remains.  New Balance tweaked it slightly to make the shoe sleeker than the previous generation and provide additional flexibility.  However, the cushion remains excellent and I think you will love the way it feels on the road.

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New Balance and other athletic manufacturers change their products annually and sometimes quicker.  These quick model changes sometimes leave customers feeling left in the dust because fit or favorite features are left out in the new models or the shoe changes entirely.  I am happy to report that New Balance seems to have take the 1080v8 up to another level instead of walking the shoe backward.  Go ahead give the New Balance 1080v8 a try and see what you think for yourself.

The new Balance 1080 version 8 running shoe is available for men and women in a wide variety of colors, sizes, and widths:

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