KEEN Targhee EXP compared to Targhee II

KEEN Targhee EXP compared to Targhee II

The KEEN Targhee II has long been a best seller at due to it’s waterproof and rugged design yet lightweight and comfortable fit.However, the KEEN Targhee II has now been available for some years and KEEN feels the time is right for a makeover and a few changes to the popular Targhee line of hiking boots and shoes.The newly released KEEN Targhee EXP WP replaces the Targhee II and therefore you may have questions about what’s new and different in the updated style.

Keen Targhee EXP vs Targhee II

What’s Remains the Same?

  • The Targhee EXP and Taghee II are both available in a mid-cut hiking boot and a low-cut hiking shoe version.Both the boot and the shoes are available in men’s and women’s versions as well.
  • Both theKEEN Targhee II and the Targhee EXP feature fully waterproof uppers with KEEN.DRY® waterproof, breathable membrane.This membrane is waterproof but allows the foot to breathe for a dry and comfortable feel.
  • The new Targhee EXP maintains the same type of lacing system as the previous model.This unique lacing system allows the shoe to be tightened snuggle around the mid foot and heel.
  • ESS shank provides rigid and lightweight stability in the mid foot.This rigidity lessens fatigue on the foot through long hikes or days of work.

So what’s new with the KEEN Targhee EXP?

  • The new KEEN Targhee EXP features a smaller rubber toe guard.This toe guard continues to protect toes and the foot from debris and light drops but the appearance is sleeker.
  • The heel tab has been improved and made larger to help make the Targhee EXP easier to put on foot.
  • The old Targhee II has an upper that is almost completely leather.The new KEEN Targhee EXP removes a portion of the leather upper and replaces it with a durable yet breathable fabric upper.

Bottom line

The new Targhee EXP features everything that made the Targhee II a KEEN favorite for years.The style remains rugged, lightweight, and the fit is nearly identical.If you love the KEEN Targhee II then you will likely enjoy the new version.The main differences are cosmetic and the functional aspects remain intact.

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