ECCO Track II Product Review


I have sold a lot of shoes and boots over the last decade. Over those years many trends, styles, and even brands have come and gone. One thing that has remained unchanged is the ECCO Track II Boot. This truly versatile waterproof boot is available in a high cut and a lower cut and is perfect for hiking, work and daily wear.

The ECCO Track II features a GORE-TEX® lining that provides waterproof functionality without sacrificing any breathability. The oiled leather uppers are supple yet durable and look great with jeans or fine on a worksite. One of the main reasons that I really love the ECCO Track II is that is a handsome boot that does not sacrifice build quality for looks. The first thing you will notice when you pick up a pair is that it feels like a solid piece of footwear. As you wear it you will realize that there really is something special about the Track II.

Looks and rugged build are secondary to the real reason that so many people swear by the ECCO Track II. People fall in love with this style because it is so amazingly comfortable. Tanned leather insoles line the bottom of the boot. These insoles mold to the wearer’s foot over time to give a truly custom feel to the ECCO Track II. The insole is sure to wear out before the rugged boot and is replaceable. The outsole of the Track II is features great traction and a bit of extra cushion in the heel where you need it. The combination of arch support, cushion, and a lightweight design will make you wonder how you lived without it.

Boots are built a litany of purposes and uses. The ECCO Track II is the most versatile and comfortable boot that I have come across. The reason why it has remained unchanged for many years is because it is perfect for hiking, work, and daily wear for so many loyal fans. Try a pair and you will not be disappointed.

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