​3 Things to consider when buying a New Balance walking shoe

Published by Brady Stout on Jun 17th 2016

Walking is an excellent low-impact way to get exercise.  However, it is important to select the correct walking shoes for your needs in order to avoid injury and discomfort.  Below is a quick guide to help you find the perfect walking shoe for your needs!

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Stability or Neutral?

Your stride is important to consider when selecting the best walking shoe. Many people suffer from pronation related issues due to the foot rolling during each step. This issue can cause foot, ankle, and knee injuries. Luckily, New Balance offers a great selection of stability walking shoes that help to correct these problems.  Stability walking shoes include the 813847, and 928.

Women's New Balance 928v2 - White  New Balance 847v2 Walking Shoe

What’s Your Width?

Feet come in all shapes and sizes. New Balance knows this and makes all of their walking shoes in a narrow, medium, and wide width. See below info to help pick your correct width.

Women’s Widths

Narrow=2A, Medium=B, Wide=D, Extra Wide=2E

Men’s Widths

Narrow=B, Medium=D, Wide=2E, Extra Wide=4E

Leather or Breathable Mesh?

The third selection that you should consider when selecting your walking shoe is whether you prefer an all leather shoe or something with a mesh upper. Leather is breathable, durable, and will hold up against staining better. However, if you are walking outside in the Summer time or if your feet have a tendency to get hot then mesh is the best option. We recommend spraying any mesh footwear with Camp Dry Heavy Duty Water Repellent. This provides an effective protection against water and stains. 

The styles mentioned above are available in both men's and women's.  

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