A Complete Guide to Winter Shoe Selection

A Complete Guide to Winter Shoe Selection

Published by Mon on Nov 9th 2018

09 Nov, 2018

A Complete Guide to Winter Shoe Selection

Published by Mon

What is worse than spending an entire day in your wet shoes? Wet shoes can be uncomfortable whether you are in the office, hiking, or travelling. Such shoes just suck the energy out of you and make you lose the morale of carrying on with your activities. At one point or another, your shoes became wet and you had no choice but to wear them until you got home. It might have happened by mistake but do you want to go through the same again? Definitely not! However challenging it is to select the most appropriate shoe for the weather or event, there is no other way out other than deciding which shoe will serve you in the best way possible

The Winter Boot Dilema

Every year, you find yourself in a dilemma of what to wear during winter. You know when winter is coming so prepare yourself in advance and buy the right shoes. What activities do you carry out during winter? Some of the things to consider are, what to wear when going to work, what to wear in the house, and shoes for hiking among outdoor activities. You also should take note of shoes that you should avoid. Those shoes that expose you to the extreme cold or wetness should be avoided. That is rather obvious. However, choosing a shoe that keeps you warm and does not wet your feet is not obvious. This is why you will find this article worth reading.
During winter, you will come across various interesting shoe designs and fashions. Don’t be left behind. You need something that does not only keeps you warm and dry but also something that enhances your look. You need a boot that is both functional and stylish. Why look unattractive when there are various types of shoes that can add glamor to your appearance.

During winter, you will come across various interesting shoe designs and fashions. Don’t be left behind.

The Most Important Features that You Should Consider when Buying Winter Shoes

This is an obvious concern. There are boots that can comfortably handle up to -100 degrees Farenheit. At times, you may want to prepare yourself in advance. If you are buying a winter shoe during summer, you may not have those low temperatures to test the shoes. It is advisable that you check on the lining material. Good linings are made of materials such as wool, zylex, acrylic, and polupropylene. Thinsulate among other thermal materials may also be used. A good insulating material for a winter shoe should be between 400 to 800 grams. True shearling is the real deal.
When you wear winter boots for a long time, comfort is an important issue. What does it mean by comfort in shoes? Well, comfortable shoes should encourage the correct walking posture and support the arch and foot. Also, lacing systems and insoles should contribute to the comfort. Check whether the insole has arch support and padding. If the manufacturer has used special orthopedic insoles, ensure that they fit the shoe accordingly. Proper winter shoes should offer pronation control. This inward roll feature of the shoes when you make a step prevents back and knee problems.
The lacing system is also an important consideration because it helps your feet to fit inside a shoe. Most people prefer full lacing because they can adjust them to fit their feet the best way possible. However, there are those shoes that still don’t have laces but are a great choice. Check on the lining of shoes to determine whether it fits your legs.
Boot linings serve other purposes other than insulating your feet against cold. Most winter boots have both antimicrobial and antibacterial properties that prevent the growth of bacteria or foot odors. Such odors start when you swear and your shoe is left moist. When shopping for winter shoes, have these factors in mind. You don’t want to be that visitor with smelly feet.
Breathability and waterproofing at times clash. It means that most lightweight shoes that have great breathability often allow water inside. A good winter boot should combine materials that take care of both properties. Full leather shoes are waterproof but may not be good at breathability. Materials such as Gore-Tex are breathable and waterproof. What a great combination.
Boot traction
Boot traction depends on the depth and size of lugs. Lugs refer to the bumps and channels that prevent falls and slips. These lugs are found in the rubber and offer a firm grip to the ground surface. For protection on uneven terrain, look for a shoe with a heel brake. Rubber is the best material for a good outsole. Interchangeable outsoles are also desirable because they increase the durability of a boot.
When shopping for waterproof footwear, look for features that prevent slush, snow or water from entering your shoe. Water resistant properties on the upper material of your shoe will serve you well. One of the water resistant features to look out for is the gusseted tongue. This is a material that is attached to your shoe on either side to prevent water from seeping inside.
Gaiters and cuffs are also great water resistant features. A cuff is a special lining on your shoe that forms a curve at the top of your shoe to form a collar. The collar prevents snow from entering the show. A gaiter also performs the same purpose at the top of a boot. Gaiters are tube-like structures that extend from the top of the shoe. Gaiters can as well be bought separately. Gaiters are important because there are those that can extend above your knee.
You are not on military training to carry heavy weights throughout. You need a shoe that feels light on your feet. Winter shoes may not be as light as you want but that does not mean that you have to always wear heavy shoes. The insole and lining materials may increase the weight of your shoes. New balance is a light shoe that keeps you warm. Look for a shoe that is not only warm but also light to wear.
Ankle support
Just because your shoe is high, it doesn’t mean that it supports your ankles. Don’t be surprised when you note that your heaviest summer shoe is lighter than your lightest winter shoes. It sounds confusing but it makes sense. When you go shopping for winter shoes, look for lacing, a firm structure or sides that are padded.
A boot that does not fit you looks quite cute. You have probably in such a situation. Do not fall for the trap. Find a well fitting shoe and you won’t regret. Shoes that are smaller than your feet will cause blisters and make it difficult to walk on snow. This does not make bigger shoes any better. Try a shoe before you buy it to ensure that it feels comfortable. Also wear socks to increase comfort and warmth.
Finding a winter shoe that is both fashionable and fulfils it purpose may sound difficult but its not impossible. There are numerous manufacturers out there who understand the importance of combining both a trendy look and the functional aspect. If you are a stylish person, Don’t worry about wearing bring boring winter boots that do not blend with your outfit.
There are different amazing designs of bogs, new balance, keen, and sorel styles that are suitable for the cold season. It all depends with your taste and preference. Maybe you prefer high bogs or medium length sorels. Do yourself a favor and choose shoes that look appealing to your eyes.

Top Winter Shoes for You

Most people think that bogs are not as fashionable as other types of boot brands. However, you can wear certain types of clothes and material that compliment these outstanding shoes for winter. These shoes are pretty warm and you should have a pair of them in your wardrobe. A person who walks in extremely low temperatures will confirm this.
Most importantly, you don’t have to worry about wetting your feet because bogs are waterproof. When you get stuck in snow, you will get out as if nothing happened. Some cover up to knee length meaning that your legs are well insulated against cold.
It’s irritating wearing a shoe for five minutes trying to adjust it or lacing up. Bogs are simple to wear and are well designed to fit your legs comfortably. Bogs have no extra buckles making them simple yet appealing. They are relatively light and can handle up to temperatures of -40 degrees Fahrenheit. Bogs also have handles that make it easy for you when wearing them. Its non slip and self cleaning outsole is what you need. The insole also has antimicrobial odor protection. Tired of smelly and sweaty feet? Try bogs.

Sorel boots
It is no doubt that sorel boots are designed carefully and with quality materials. In case you want to wipe your dirty boots, always use a damp piece of cloth and wipe gently. This is the best way to clean winter boots made of fur, rubber, felt, suede, and leather. You will dry quickly and last longer.
What makes sorel boots suitable for winter? Sorel boots are not only water resistant but also waterproof. This does not mean that you submerge them in water. For them to dry completely, leave them in a place that has free flowing air. An enclosed area will cause dampness to the boot.
Do you know that sorel boots have a one year warranty? The warranty provided covers issues arising from poor workmanship or material. This confirms that the shoe is of high quality and durable. The rubber grip on the sole provides a firm grip to the surface making it easy to walk on snow or wet surfaces. They are also higher to provide extra warmth to your feet.

You definitely want comfortable shoes for winter. You can never go wrong with keen footwear. If you want to protect your feet from cuts and blisters, this is the shoe that will best serve you. Keen shoes are highly breathable and waterproof. The pad inside the shoe makes it extra comfortable. It is appropriate to say that keens have all properties that make comfy shoes.
If you love traveling and hiking, you need a light pair of shoes. Even though heavy ones exist, you may decide to buy light keen footwear for more purposes. Generally, keen shoes are a great travel companion because they are not as heavy as other types of winter shoes. You can easily park keens in your bag and travel comfortably.
Are you fashion conscious? You are not left behind. Keens are versatile. You can hike in these shoes and wear them while walking across the streets. With keens, you won’t look like a tourist who was accidentally dropped in the streets. They are presentable and you can wear them even to work. They are made of high quality material that makes them a great investment. You don’t have to worry about buying a new pair of keens every winter. Keen shoes are durable.

These are also warm versatile shoes that will serve you well during winter. Ecco brand is quite active when it comes to innovating flexible and light shoes. They are also anatomical shoes that best meets all footwear needs. Try out different styles until you find an Ecco shoe that is practical.
Continuous exploration and improved construction techniques help in designing amazing shoes. They are also comfortable meaning that you can wear them as you walk across the streets. You will feel comfortable walking over rocky slopes and taking stairs. You need a shoe that is good for outdoor activities and comfortable indoors. Ecco never disappoints. Just like new balance shoes that are great for sports during cold weather, ecco shoes also come in different cool designs. Also, if you dislike high shoes, you can choose ecco shoes. You can wear them in trousers and still look elegant. The water resistant feature of ecco shoes gives you the confidence to walk on ice and other types of wet surfaces.

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