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SAS - Brand Overview

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SAS is a truly unique shoe maker which sets itself apart from the world of fast fashion and cheap, low quality footwear by staying steadfast with it's production of handmade in the USA comfort footwear.  San Antonio Shoemakers (SAS) has been manufacturing shoes from their factory in San Antonio, TX since 1976.  Every pair is hand-crafted and passes through the hands of up to 80 craftsmen.  This dedication to quality has led to a loyal fan base who come back to SAS because of their dedication to comfort and high quality materials.

Sas hand crafted

Unbelievably comfortable walking shoes are what made SAS popular.  Today the company extends the “shoes you don’t want to take off at the end of the day" mentality into sandals and athletic shoes.  Everything that SAS does, from leather selection to lasting is done with the intent of making it so when you select SAS you are choosing the best pair of shoes in your closet.

SAS handmade

Today, SAS remains a multi-generation family owned and operated company (much like which keeps product quality as the top priority.  Online distribution of SAS footwear is limited to only top tier sellers and at we are happy to offer a wide selection of SAS products for sale.  

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Winter Boots

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Starved Rock State Park

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Dansko Pro XP

It’s no coincidence that the Dansko Pro XP is a style that’s ubiquitous in kitchens and hospitals alike. Professions that demand long hours of standing require a shoe that can take the heat of the kitchen (pun intended). Carrying the Seal of Acceptance from the AMPA (American Podiatric Medical Association) is just one of the [...]

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Ecco Babett - Lightweight Cushion With So Many Options

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