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New Balance 847v2 vs 847v3 - What's the difference?

Posted by Brady S on

New Balance is one of our favorite (and #1 top selling) athletic brands here at because they offer world-class walking shoes for customers with various needs and wants.  The New Balance 847 has been a favorite style for male and female walkers that pronate or need extra stability and support since 2013 when the 847 version 1 was released.  Recently, the New Balance 847 version 3 was release and thus many people are wondering what's new and what has changed in the latest version of the beloved 847.

The 847 is a motion control walking shoe that features the New Balance ROLLBAR technology.  The ROLLBAR is a posting system which is designed to reduce rear foot movement.  Essentially, this technology is a moulded plate that is placed beneath the heel, connected along the edges by rigid postings.  The ROLLBAR helps by preventing rigidity in the heel area which prevents twisting and forces the foot to stay on a proper strike path instead of rolling inward or outward.  This is very helpful for people with pronation or supenation issues and can benefit those with knee and ankle problems.  Walkers love this technology and many have turned to the 847 specifically for the ROLLBAR.  We are glad to report that little has changed between the version 2 and version 3 relating to the ROLLBAR.  The new 847v3 still features the same ROLLBAR as the previous version.

The new version 3 is very similar in most aspects when compared to the previous version.  The weight of the version 3 is just a couple grams lighter than the 847v2.  The silhouette of the 847v3 is nearly identical to the 847v2 and the style still features a synthetic/mesh combination upper.  

There are 2 differences that set the new 847v3 apart from it's older version.  The first, and most important difference is related to a major complaint reported from 847 version 2 customers.  The most common complaint in the version 2 was that the heel fit loosely and heels tended to slip in this style.  New Balance listened and corrected this issue with the 847 version 3.  The heel fits much better with the newly redesigned style and does not slip when walking.  The other improvement is that New Balance managed to squeeze in a bit more Abzorb cushion into the sole for added comfort.

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