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New Balance 928v3 Compared to 928v2 & 928v1

Posted by Brady S on

The 928 series of New Balance is the go to walking shoe for those in need of stability, cushion, widths, and/or orthotic accommodation. There really is not a better option on the market for those who have certain needs. However, there is a bit of confusion among some New Balance customers due to the fact that New Balance has updated the 928 from version 1 to version 2 in 2016, then the new 928 version 3 was released in 2017. You may be wondering… what’s new in the 928v3 and why did they change it so quickly. The good news is that I have the answers!

New Balance 928 walking

The original 928 version was a hit because it offered maximum ROLLBAR stability, ample ABZORB cushioning, and featured a very deep toe box which was great for those with wide feet and those who wear orthotic inserts. The style was popular for a few years until 2016 when New Balance replaced it with the updated 928 version 2. The New Balance 928v2 featured an upgraded insole and kept the maximum stability and cushion. However, customer complaints rolled in immediately about the toe box being more narrow than it’s predecessor. The 928v2 is a great shoe but it did not suit those who need the wide toe box quite as well. New Balance listened to it’s customers which brings us to the 928v3.

New Balance 928v3

The New Balance 928 version 3 is the best of the 928v1 and 928v2 combined into one excellent athletic walking shoe. The new style still features industry leading ROLLBAR stability, tons of ABZORB cushioning, and top-quality construction. The latest iteration of New Balance 928 kept the thick cushioned insole that was introduced in the 928v2. Most importantly the style now features a deep toe box similar to the original 928. Aesthetically the changes are very minimal. The New Balance 928 is available for men and women in a variety of colors and upper materials (leather or mesh).  Try a pair today at  

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